At Talent Management Group, we don’t focus on quantity for its own sake, but rather on the quality and broad selection of the talent we represent. We understand that this industry requires a wide variety of looks, skills, and abilities, and we’ve worked hard to build a roster of qualified, top-tier individuals to fill every need imaginable.

We feel our talent and clients say it best…

Things went perfectly during today’s photoshoot. Thank you to you and your team for your professionalism.

- Pete C. • Salt Lake City

All of your people were punctual, prepared, and easy to work with.  Another great job by TMG.

- Andrew S. • Salt Lake City

After researching talent agencies, and even trying out a few, we landed on Talent Management Group.  TMG consistently represents in an honest and professional manner, with attention to all the details – a head above the rest.  TMG is the only agency for professionals.

- Christine I. • Park City

You have built TMG to be the industry standard in Salt Lake City.  You have worked without compromising, yet never leaving out the love and the heart. We respect you because you built your business and the group of talent based purely on your ability.

- Yayoi S. • Los Angeles

TMG has set the professional standard here in Utah.  Every client I ever work for always says how much they love working with TMG!

- Pam N. • Salt Lake City

I love working with TMG and I know TMG is the best agency in UT! It’s my favorite and your agency surpasses by far any other agencies I’ve ever been with. So thank you for letting me be a part of a wonderful team!

- Sarah T. • Salt Lake City

Your agency is heads and shoulders better than all my other agents combined!  Your agency has gotten more work for me in the past 2 months than 90% of my other agents combined!

- Albert H. • Portland

Thanks for all you do at TMG.  Everytime we come in, my girls and I feel at home.  Thank you for knowing them personally.  Whenever anyone asks about our experience with you, I can only say good things about TMG and all that you’ve done for us.  So thanks again!- Andrea S. • Salt Lake City

Can’t express enough how happy we are working with you, and how fast everyone can respond to our requests. Hope you know how much we truly appreciate all of it. We are always satisfied with your talent and results. Looking forward to more recordings in the very near future. - Trevor W. • Salt Lake City


Founded April 1996

2010 Best of State Award Winner

Represent professional talent not only in
SLC but from other markets such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, and more, including Quebec.

Represents models, actors, voice talent,
presenters,  makeup artists, children and teens.

Maintains a very selective process
regarding talent representation.

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